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Stormtrooper Maker Guide

Stormtrooper Maker Guide



Stormtrooper Helmet & Armor

Guide of Maker, Material, and Others



< Introduce >

There are many makers of Stormtrooper, but the best armor for you depend upon your choice.
Before you will get new your armor, you have to think about some factor as below.

1. Price of the armor
* Have to meet your budget (armor and shipping and tax etc...) from many makers.

2. Who assemble your armor?
* As almost armor is a kit, not a completed product, you have to assemble. Do you have skills and tools? Not difficult but need those experience.

3. Your size (How tall?)
* As almost armor comes from USA/EURO and for USA/EURO size, so the armor is large size for Asian. So to fit your body, you have to cut or trim the armor.

Now we, 501st Thailand could get FX armor as the best price (for member only), and its armor made from ABS makes trim easy to fit your body.
But it is not the best choice, anyway you should select your best armor by yourself.


< Non-Licensed Maker >
[Need Assembly]

■Type : FX
Country : USA
Kit : ABS, trimmed, fan made
* Almost all of the member of 501st Thailand use FX


<TK5499, 501st Thailand>


■Type : SDS (Shepperton Design Studios)
Country : UK
Kit : ABS, trimmed, original screen-used props produced
* Real original screen accurate
* SDS could not be exported to USA, due to the copy right issue



■Type : RS Prop Masters
Country : UK
Kit : ABS or PVC, untrimmed
* Extremely accurate when assembled with care



■Type : TM (Troopermaster ™)
Country : UK
Kit : ABS, untrimmed, fan made
* Really beautiful armor and extremely movie-accurate



■Type : AP (Authenticprops)
Country : Canada
Kit : ABS, untrimmed usually but can also be ordered trimmed and ready to assemble, fan made
* Extremely accurate when assembled with care



■Type : AM (Armor Master)
Country : USA
Kit : ABS, trimmed, fan made. 
* More accurate than FX. Very durable



■Type : ATA (Affordable Trooper Armor)
Country : USA
Kit : ABS or HIPS, untrimmed, HIPS needs to be painted, fan made
* The quality of HIPS material is such that it is the most durable of all HIPS armor makes. ABS is a custom made ABS for color, gloss, and durability



■Type : TE2 (Trooper Expert)
Country : USA
Kit : HIPS, untrimmed, needs to be painted, fan made
* Helmet is considered the most screen accurate available, though some don't like the bumpy cap and back



■Type : T/MC
Country : USA
Kit : ABS, untrimmed, similar to TE2 and AP, fan made
* Not bright white and glossy like FX. Should shine well with the wax



■Type : RT-Mod (RT)
Country : Canada
Kit : ABS, trimmed, fan made
* More accurate than FX/AM but not as much as TM/TE2/AP



■Type : CFO (Cast From Original) [For ROTJ armor only]
Country : UK
Kit : ABS or HIPS, untrimmed, fan made
* ABS is standard and screen accurate



■Type : Gino
Kit : fan made



■Type : GF (Follano)
Kit : fan made



■Type : Laws Archive
Kit : fan made



■Type : Movie FX
Kit : HIPS, fan made



■Type : Cameron Oakley [For ROTJ]
Country : Australia
Kit : ABS, fan made



■Type : TE/Anon
Kit : fan made



■Type : Marco
Kit : fan made



< Licensed Helmets >
[Completed Product]

■Maker : eFX
* eFX picking up on the license (and some of the moulds) and continued Master Replicas' work production



■Maker : Master Replicas



■Maker : Rubie's



■Maker : Don Post



■Maker : Side Show



■Maker : Altmanns




< Comparison>


[Don Post - RT-Mod - FX]     


[FX - MR - Don Post]


[AP - SDS]


[AP - TE1]


[FX - SDS - CRProps - GF]


[TE2 - TM - VT - AP]



[eFX ANH - ANH Sandtrooper - ESB]




< Material > 
Armor is made from either ABS or HIPS

■ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
* Good : No need to paint, high durability
* Bad : Lack the detail of HIPS, usually harder to trim, may change the color with the sun
* Suitability : Regular trooping plus take a lot of abuse

■HIPS (High Impact Poly Styrene)
* Good : Generally less expensive, easier to trim.
* Bad : Needs painting or serious polishing to look shiny. Most HIPS will not be as durable as ABS or take the stress of ABS
* Suitability : Regular trooping




[Trimmed ABS FX]


[Untrimmed ABS TM]


[Untrimmed HIPS ATA]


< Caution >
1. Be aware some web site to buy your armor, the quality is not good as the picture as shown in their web site
2. Do not buy from e-bay - kits are over-priced, the quality is often dubious, and always recast



< In the Movie >

Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope (ANH)   


[Stunt Type]


[Hero Type]


Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (ESB)


Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (ROTJ)




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